I’ve been thinking about this a long time. Years ago, I started a blog to document and sometimes contemplate my and my families move to Australia. You can find it at In the beginning I’d just put up some new post about where in the process we were, how the kids were doing etc. It was a family blog.

However, more and more colleagues asked me to write about my work life as well. I resisted every attempt by pointing out that most of the people blogging do not really care about what they are saying, they care about how many people actually take notice of their exhibitionism.

I can remember, years ago, years before wordpress, blogger, facebook and others made it easy to blog, there was a guy who wrote a piece called ‘why I hate weblogs’. The original post is long gone but I tried to find it today and I’m pretty sure I found the correct content, but it’s just put into… a blog…

Actually, people have copied it to their blogs, threw it on facebook, it’s mentioned in a weblog about blogging, oh wait, this post is becoming just that. Stop!

Anyway, thankfully the internet has more memory than I have and the original can still be found at the Wayback Machine, the original post at October 13, 2002 up until it’s deletion in June 2008, and even the funny test can be taken, but the outcome will forever be gone…

I guess I’ll never know, and who’s going to read it anyway 🙂